Hey there. I'm Jester and this is your invitation to join the Whisker Gifters Birthday Club for Cats. Members receive a FREE birthday postcard every year. There’s no cost for you to join and your friends can join for $19.95 each. (Just kidding. Your friends can join for free, too.) But wait! There's more...(see below)

...When you join, your name will be entered in my monthly birthday gift drawing. Here’s how it works. Let’s say you’re a creative and clever Leo born on or about August 13th. Every year on August 1st I’ll draw the name of a cat born in August. If your name is drawn, I’ll mail your FREE birthday postcard along with a FREE cat toy or cat treat. For an extra $19.95, I’ll happily post your name, picture and brief statement of thanks on this website. (Just kidding again. I'll post your photo and note for free. But you can't blame a cat for trying to make a little extra dough.)

Click here to see the winners.


"Finally. A club for cats. Nice job Jester." Jinx B. - Roslyn, NY

"I will not forward the Birthday Club for Dogs link to the dogs I know. If they can't find the site on their own, too bad." Posey S. - Madison, WI

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Once you join, you can register your feline and canine housemates.  They might be grateful enough to get you a really, really big birthday present this year.  Simply log into your account and click “add a feline housemate."

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